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8U Universal Rules:  ASA rules, both slow and fast-pitch will be followed unless otherwise stated by TMSA. In the event rules differ, TMSA rules supersede all others where applicable.
  1. Game time limit is 65 minutes or five (5) innings, which ever comes first. No new inning will start after the time limit has expired. An inning started within the time limit will be completed unless a team is mathematically eliminated.
  2. ASA approved, 11” balls will be used. No composite or double-walled bats are permitted in 8U play.
  3. A team may start the game with seven (7) players but not fall below seven once the game has started. If a team falls below seven players, the game will be forfeited. Exception; if a team has only seven players and one is injured during game play, that team may continue to play with six (6) players.
  4. All eligible players must be included in the batting line-up and they must bat in the order listed in the official scorebook. If an injured player taken out of the game cannot bat, the batting position is passed over and no out is recorded. The injured player may return to the game in their original batting position. Any players arriving late will be added at the bottom of the batting order.
  5. An injured runner (a player who is injured while running the bases) can be substituted for with the player who made the last out, without penalty.
Offensive Play:
  1. Five (5) pitches or three swinging misses shall be an out (no called strikes). On the fifth pitch or with two strikes, a foul ball keeps the batter alive if not caught for an out.
  2. On any attempt to get an out at first base should the ball be overthrown, the runner reaching 1st base may at their own risk advance to 2nd base and stop there. Runners already on base may advance up to two bases at their own risk. For example, a runner that began play at 2nd may advance to home. A runner that began at 1st base may advance to 3rd base.
  3. Three outs or a maximum of five (5) runs per half inning is allowed.
  4. A batter cannot bunt.
  5. A batter cannot reach first base by a walk.
  6. A batter will not be awarded first base if hit by a pitch.
  7. Stealing is not permitted. Base runners may leave the base after the ball has been struck.
  8. There is no advancement on a dropped third strike.
Pitching Regulations:
  1. There will be an 8’ radius circle around the front of the 35’ pitching mound. The Coach-Pitcher will start their pitching motion with at least one foot within or on the circle. The momentum of the pitch may carry the pitcher outside the circle.
  2. When the ball is hit, the Coach-Pitcher must exit the playing field opposite the direction of play. It is proper and advised for the Coach-Pitcher to remove the bat from play if possible.
  3. If a batted ball hits the Coach-Pitcher, the ball is dead, considered a no-pitch and is replayed.
  4. The Coach-Pitcher may deliver a pitch (flat or arced) that is appropriate for that batter’s skill level.
Defensive Play:
  1. A maximum of two (2) coaches may be positioned in the outfield beyond the outfielder’s area of play. They may not enter the playing area or interfere with play in any manner.
  2. The Player-Pitcher may be positioned anywhere in or around the 8’ radius circle as long as one foot is positioned inside or touching the circle. There is no restriction once the ball is hit.
  3. Players will be positioned as pitcher, catcher, four infielders and four outfielders. Infielders shall not be closer than 45’ from home plate until the ball is hit. Outfielders shall be placed in the grass until the ball is hit.
  4. Players may not play a position more than 2 innings in a game.
  5. There is no infield fly rule in 8U play.
  6. Defensive play that can stop runner advancement; The defensive team throws the ball to the base in front of the lead runner and the fielder at the base has control of the ball or the umpire waits to see if the lead runner is tagged out. Once the lead runner is tagged out, reaches the base safely or goes back to the previous base, play is called dead. Throwing the ball to the pitcher in the circle does not stop play. If the defensive team throws the ball to a base other than the base in front of the lead runner, play will not stop until all runners ahead of the defensive play stop their advancement. For example, with a runner on 2nd base, the ball is hit to left field. The left fielder throws the ball to 2nd base and stops the advancement of the batter. The runner who started at 2nd base, going to 3rd , does not have to stop running because the play was made at 2nd base. However, if the runner hesitates or stops momentarily at 3rd for any reason, the Umpire may call time and the runner cannot advance.